hans-headshotI’m Hans Meeder, your Pathways Sherpa. I am here to guide and help you succeed on your journey to develop the most effective college and career pathways programs and systems.

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In our quest to help implement Pathways and the Career-Connected Learning, it is imperative that we build as much true understanding and buy-in from stakeholders as possible.  Inevitably, there will be differences of opinion as we introduce the pathways concepts …

So much of our work in helping communities plan and implement pathways systems revolves around helping people develop new vision – a better approach to education that adopts the value of career-connected learning for all students, whatever their preferred education …

Step #1: Define the Problem



This is an encore post from April 2015. As I have worked with local leaders of pathways projects, I often ask a somewhat obvious question: “What problem are we trying to solve with the Pathways Framework?” Even among a small …

There are two meanings usually associated with the term “Career pathways.”  The first meaning refers to the “educational experience” – that is, the courses and associated work-based learning experiences that prepare a student for entry into a particular career. The …

How do you consume information?  In today’s hyper-connected world, there are so many ways.  As I mentioned in my most recent post, it’s vital that we get comfortable using video to communicate our message.  For me, in addition to great …

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